Treating Problems with an Integrative Approach

I am a physician, specializing in Integrative Psychiatry. Since 1975 I have been a quiet pioneer in the rational use of nutrition-based treatment approaches. Whether treating “mental” issues (such as depression, anxiety, ADHD), or “physical” problems (such as cognitive impairment or dementia, migraines, PMS, and IBS), my approach is as follows:

  • I look for commonplace foods that trigger (or exacerbate) the problems.
  • If food elimination is not enough, next I will prescribe specific nutrients and herbs to bring relief.
  • If these nutrient-based approaches do not work well enough, then of course I will prescribe medications.
  • Even in those cases where medications are needed, I will often prescribe nutrients to augment (complement) the prescription medications.
Read more about my background and how my patients respond robustly to non-drug approaches.
Case Studies
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Can help treat your symptoms with fewer side-effects than conventional meds