Below you will find testimonials from colleagues who appreciate the information I’ve shared with them, and from patients who appreciate the help I’ve been able to give them.

  • Thank you kindly for including me on this most interesting topic, your thinking as always breaks new frontiers. So much to learn from you, thank you so much.

    Thank you for a year in which you have taught me and my students a lot, and helped our patients tremendously through your knowledge, wisdom, and courage to venture therapeutically to where few people can.

    Namir F. Damluji, MD, DFAPA
    Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
    UCSD School of Medicine
    San Diego, California

    Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
    Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

  • Dr. Carlton: Happy New Year. All the best for 2013. Thank you for being such a treasure. You really make it easier to put the pieces of the human puzzle together. My son and I really appreciate your help and wisdom.

    Lazara S.

  • It is inspirational and motivational to be able to connect with Dr. Richard Carlton. His knowledge of functional nutrition and functional medicine is astounding.

    As a holistic Nutrition and Wellness consultant, I am honored to be able to confer with Dr. Carlton regarding complex cases involving physiological and mental health concerns. I would highly recommend his practice, as Dr. Carlton integrates nutritional and other complementary modalities with psychopharmacology.

    Rika Keck ACN
    NY Integrated Health LLC
    Clinical Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Consulting

  • I've been to dozens upon dozens of doctors in the past few decades. Some of my medical problems were relatively common - my ADHD and learning disability were definitely not unique to me. But some of my problems were a bit atypical, and most doctors I had met with treated me like a textbook case. Often they'd run some tests, try a few medications, and when all that failed they'd give up and make me feel as if it were all in my head. Over time this has been quite costly, frustrating and demeaning to say the least.

    Working with Dr. Carlton has been very much the opposite of those bad experiences. He's one of only a handful of doctors I've met that truly puts patients first. He has left no stone unturned in trying to help me. He LISTENS to the things I have to say about my conditions and my progress. He's honest and realistic about expectations. He doesn't rush me out of his office like I'm a widget on a conveyor belt. And medication wasn't his only (or even his first) tool for treating me, which was what made me seek out his counsel in the first place.

    Above all, Dr. Carlton seems to genuinely care about his patients, which to me is what defines a great doctor.

    Michael C.